Come utilizzare la funzione di Autel Maxiscan MS908P diagnostica? by Angelababy Li

Recently,some customer doesn’t know how to use

the ms908p diagnsotic operation,

So today we will share with everybody how to use the autel

maxiscan ms908p diagnostic operation.Firstly you need to

sapere ci sono   due; tipi

of communication about the ms908p diagnostic operation ,

It is connect II OBD vehicles and connect non II OBD vehicles.

But you have to build vehicle communication firstly.Now let’s study the autel maxiscan

ms908p diagnostic operation together.

I believe you will know how to use

autel maxiscan ms908p diagnostic operation after read this article.

The autel maxiscan ms908p diagnostic operation function :

The diagnostic

procedures through and VCI equipment

connected electric control system

of the vehicle to establish a data connection,

Kenuo to diagnostic information,

check the data flow parameters,

and enforced Mai for testing. The

diagnostic application can be

loss of vehicle access control system.

The electronic control module (ECM),

such as, Mai machine, gear box, anti lock

braking Mai system (ABS) and airbag system (SRS)

build vehicle communication

Autel maxiscan ms908p perform diagnostic procedures

con   prova; linea senza

Chu non OBDII vehicle the test connector connection VCI equipment

does not test vehicles, and MaxiSys diagnostic equipment establish data


The establishment of MaxiSys plate between the vehicle

diagnostic equipment is not good communication,

eseguire le seguenti operazioni:

1 VCI dispositivi collegato veicolo sedile

per Diagnosi comunicazione and power supply.

2 by blue Shao matched USB connection establishment,

VCI apparecchiature di comunicazione   diagnostico; attrezzature

tra MaxiSys tablet.

3 see at the bottom of the screen the VCI navigational press button,

se Display button on the history of the lurcher “tick” icons for green,

e anche said MaxiSys diagnosis system of witch is ready,

start the implementation of vehicle diagnosis.

Step 2: connecting vehicle

According t the vehicle’s different configuration,

metodo di collegamento VCI equipment and vehicle diagnostic seat is divided into two types.:

Compatible with OBD II.

  veicolo; gestione sistema con di serie

J-1962 for the diagnosis of a 12V power supply and communication.

. not compatible with the vehicle of the OBD II management system

attraverso diagnosis seat is connected with a communication

and in some cases,

the cigarette lighter socket ring connection vehicle

battery provide 12V power supply.

If you c
onnect II OBD vehicles
.The autel maxiscan ms908p diagnostic

operation is as follow:

Connecting the II OBD vehicle requires the use of the test thread,

and is not required to use any other joint.

How to connect II OBD vehicles?

Step 1: test line parent adapter connected to the VCI device on the vehicle data

connection and tighten the screws with tert.

Step 2: the main line will test 16 pin male adapter not seat connected with the

vehicle diagnosis, diagnosis is usually in the vehicle seat table plate, lower


Tip: and non all vehicle diagnosis seat in the vehicle technique the lower part

of the board table, please reference test vehicle in the user manual of the

exhibition is more related to the connection information.

If you c
onnect non II OBD vehicles
,the autel maxiscan ms908p diagnostic

operation is as follow:

Connecting the non II OBD vehicle is required to combine the test thread and

test vehicle with the I OBD connector.

Non II OBD vehicles may have the following three kinds of connections:

The DLC connection can provide power and communication.

The DLC can only be obtained through communication,

potere fornitura   collegato; a the cigarette lighter.

The DLC can only be connected for communication,

vehicle battery power supply.

How to connect to non OBD II vehicle?

Step1: the main test equipment VCI female adaptor not the vehicle data connection and

stringere   vite; collegamento con terz

Step2.: find the suitable OBD I connector, and then the 16 pin connector socket is

connected to the main line of the public test adapter.


connect the I OBD connector to the diagnostic seat of the vehicle.

Tip: some adapter may consist of multi joint funeral or still contains the test lead.

No matter what kind of situation, need to according to the actual

situation of the vehicle is not good connection diagnosis.

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